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"Patches P. Pussycat"

Mary Anne Vance's Homepage

Box 316
Olivet, MI 49076
United States

I am a kindergarten teacher in the Olivet Community School
System here in Olivet, MI., and I enjoy it very much.

My hobbies would include going to the area malls and shopping, AND,
.........going to antique shops and browsing around--
(I never buy much, but I do enjoy looking!!).

I also am VERY fond of CATS!!!
My "flaky" cat is named Patches.

These are VERY worthwhile sites:

Norman M. Vance's GENEALOGY Homepages
10 County Michigan USGenWeb Genealogy Project Pages
Denise's Home-Sweet-Home Page
The Detroit News..relax & read the paper!
(Don't miss Motley the cat!)
"MOST WANTED"--a listing of surnames being researched by others
-and you can leave your surnames, too.

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